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For checking small water lines, drain lines, sewers, etc. where the source and final discharge points are easily discerned, use two ounces of Bonn-Trace dye dissolved in one quart of water. However, if checking larger lines, or lines where the exit points and area of contamination are unknown, use 1/2 lb.- 1.0 lb. of Bonn-Trace dye dissolved in one gallon of water.

Where it is not convenient to make solutions of Bonn-Trace dye, the powder may be added directly into the water at the test site.

Note: For convenience and more rapid dissolution and dispersion, the Bonn-Trace liquid concentrates are recommended.

To check more than one suspected source at the same time, place different color Bonn-Trace dyes in each source.

Note: The use of a "black light" (ultraviolet) in conjunction with the Bonn-Trace fluorescent dyes produces a bright fluorescent color which is easily seen even in murky, dark colored water or dimly lit areas where normal visible color detection is difficult.

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