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Bonn-Trace Dyes provide a simple and accurate method for monitoring the flow, velocity characteristics, mixing, and dispersion in large and small volumes of water. They are simple to use, reliable, and are vivid in clear or murky water and sewage. They disperse rapidly in the water and travel with current flow. Bonn-Trace dyes can be visually identified with the eye in as little as one part per million of water.

Biodegradable and relatively non-reactive, Bonn-Trace dyes generally do not interact with the system in which they are used. Utilized in fields such as chemical engineering, sanitary engineering, hydraulic engineering, geology, and industrial pollution control, Bonn-Trace dyes are highly efficient, and economical to use.

  • Tracing of municipal plumbing/sewage hookups
  • Following septic system leach lines
  • Monitoring circulation in lakes and reservoirs
  • Detecting suspected leaks in sewage systems
  • Monitoring discharge, diffusion, and dispersion for pollution studies
  • Measuring flow rates, flow patterns, diffusion coefficients, mass transfer
  • Measuring movements of sand and silt
  • Following tides
Item Description Package
370YG Fluorescent Yellow Green Powder Pint, Quart, and Gallon Plastic Bottles
370YG-Liq. Fluorescent Yellow Green Liquid Pint, Quart, and Gallon Plastic Bottles
372R Fluorescent Red Powder Pint, Quart, and Gallon Plastic Bottles
372R-Liq. Fluorescent Red Liquid Pint, Quart, and Gallon Plastic Bottles
292B Blue Liquid Pint, Quart, and Gallon Plastic Bottles

Bonn-Trace Red (liquid or powder) - Ideal for use in water which is yellowish in color, or in water which has considerable algae growth.

Bonn-Trace Yellow/Green (liquid or powder) - For use in water which contains considerable amounts of silt.
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